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Co-op Coordinators

Business Technologies

Division office: (513) 569-1620

Accounting, Pre-Business Administration, Financial Services 

Maya Franklin

(513) 569-1660 

(513) 549-4628 (Google Voice)


Brewing Science, Culinary Arts, Culinary and Food Science, Hospitality Management, Pastry Arts 

Scott Holubetz 

(513) 569-5814 


Automotive Management, Landscape Horticulture, Marketing Management, Sustainable Horticulture, Turfgrass Management, Supply Chain Management 

Brian Hooten

(513) 569-1634 


Business Management, Administrative Assistant, and Paralegal 

Adam Waits

(513) 569-4847 

(513) 374-4497 (cell)


Engineering and Information Technologies

Division office: (513) 569-1743

IT Programs – Computer Programming and Database Management (Computer Software Development, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering Technology), Network Administration Technology

Noelle Grome

(513) 569-4693

(513) 325-8854 (cell)


IT Programs – Computer Network Engineering Technology, Computer Network Engineering Technology – Cyber-Security

Multimedia Programs – Audio Visual Production, Graphic Design, Graphic Imaging Technology, Web & Multimedia Design

Hannah Held

(513) 569-1457

(513) 426-1771 (cell)


ET Programs – Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design Major and Manufacturing Major, Welding

Brian Hooten

(513) 569-1634 


ET Programs – Aviation Maintenance Technology, Biomedical Equipment Technologies,  Electrical Engineering Technologies, Electronic Systems Technologies, Power Systems Engineering Technology 

Dr. Kim Richards

(513) 569-1771


ET Programs – Chemical Technology, Civil Engineering (Architecture, Construction, Surveying Options) Electro-Mechanical Technology (including Laser and Renewable Energy), Environmental Engineering Technology Programs (including Stormwater and Wasterwater Management), Land Surveying (Bachelors)

Doug Woodruff

(513) 569-1648



ET Programs – Chemical Technology, Civil Engineering (Architecture, Construction, Surveying Options), Environmental Engineering Technology Programs (including Stormwater and Wasterwater Management), Land Surveying (Bachelors)

Jennifer Geiger

(513) 569-5817


Health and Public Safety

Division office: (513) 569-1670

Bioscience Technology

Milene Donlin

(513) 569-1679


Health and Fitness Technology

Mindy Piles

(513) 569-5713


Medical Laboratory Technology

Kelle Fields

(513) 569-1672


Humanities and Science

(513) 569-1700

Associate of Arts – Transfer Degrees – Areas of Concentration: Psychology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Communications, English, History, Organizational Leadership, Middle and Secondary Education, and other areas of study

Jayne Dressing

(513) 569-4778

(513) 549-3350 (Google Voice)


Associate of Science – Transfer Degrees – Areas of Concentration: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Pre-Professional Sciences, such as Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine